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Hair Services & Pricing

Colour services at Lavish are priced based on "parts + labour". 


This ensures that you are only paying for exactly the time it took and the amount of product used to do your hair! 

Each stylist has an hourly rate based off experience and demand. The total cost for your service will vary depending on the stylist you see, how long it takes, and the amount of colour used. 

Colour is priced using an app called Salonscale that weighs each ounce mixed, and you are only charged for product used. 

Haircuts, extensions, and styling, have a set price and are not charged hourly.


We want all of our guests to be happy with their hair! if you have received a service by us and are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days. we do not offer refunds on services rendered, however we will go over options to endure you are happy.

a side view of a blonde woman's hair with new highlights
a side view of a woman's hair with new blue highlights

Hourly Rates

Darcy $90/hr

Deidre $90/hr

Krystle $90/hr

Olivia $85/hr

Staci $90/hr

Terra $85/hr


Kids Cut 10&under $30+

Youth Boys 11-16 $35+

Short clipper cut $38+

You like it short, with no fuss or muss ! Typically men's haircuts or anything with the clipper will fall under this. 

Short cut $55 +

Where are my pixies at? 

You need a little more attention to detail, but still like things clean & precise. 

Medium-long cut $55+

You need a nice freshen of the ends on your medium-long length. Chest to chin this is for you. 

Long / thick cut $60+

You know you have a lot of beautiful hair & may need more time in the chair! That’s ok, this one’s for you! 

New client Haircut 

We'd like to take things slow and get to know you a bit better. Please use this option if you are new to your stylist. 

Solid Global Retouch 2HRS

You have those natural roots that need covering. 

No foils, no lightener.  


Full Colour 2HRS

Book this if you need a root to end refresh. No foils, no lightener.

Retouch with Foils 2 HRS

This includes a root retouch with partial  highlights throughout. 

Cover those greys while brightening things up! 

The Partial Highlight 2 HRS

you want a change, but nothing too major. 

Moneypiece, Foils through the top or around the face, etc 


The Full Highlight 2.5 HRS

You want to be a lot lighter and brighten up all of your hair, previously had full foils and want them touched up?

This one’s for you!


The Full Package 3 HRS 

you need it all- Full colour plus foils, Balayage or your stylist has told you your Elsa locks need more time! Please book this! 


The Toner 1 HR

If your blonde is starting to have unwanted tones and you'd like to freshen it up or add some shine we got you. 

No lightener, foils, grey covering with this


Colour Correction 3.5 HRS +

By consultation only

Please note: The time indicated is a guideline. depending on the length, thickness & complexity of the service requested time may be adjusted accordingly. If you are unsure of what to book your stylist will be more then happy to guide you in the right direction. 

Hair Extensions


1ST Row $150

2ND Row $100







(Includes shampoo and blowdry)






(best for chin length or shorter) 


(best for collarbone or longer)

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