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Spraytan - $50

Before You Spraytan

Shower, shave and exfoliate. Showering the night before or a minimum of 6 hours before your spraytan is ideal. Avoid it right before as you want your spraytan to develop properly. 

Grab an exfoliating mitt, dry brush or scrub. If you using a scrub with oil in it ensure it is done the day before and rinsed off well. 

If you are having any hair removal services such as waxing or sugaring done, ensure it is at least 12 hours prior. 

Clean and product free skin is a must. NO lotion, deodorant, makeup, perfume etc. They can interfere with the development of your tan. 

You may spraytan however you choose. Most choose to just wear underwear or nothing at all, however you may wear whatever you would like. 


Bring dark, loose fitting clothing to go home in. 

After Your Spraytan

Depending on which solution you have chosen during your consultation you will be required to keep it on for up to 12 hours. 

If you have to sleep with a solution on we recommend sleeping in a loose T-shirt and pants. This will avoid any skin on skin contact during development. 

Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear, pat dry with a towel and moisturize lots. 

The more moisturized your tan is, the longer it will last and the more evenly it will fade. 


While you have a spraytan avoid exfoliants. This can strip your tan off. 


How many days before an event should I get a spray tan?

We recommend 1-2days before an event. 


How long does a spray tan last?

The spray tan lasts approximately 7 days. 

What happens the day of my spray tan?

Once sprayed, you will have an instant bronzed look produced by the bronzer in the solution the tan will develop over the next 8-12 hours. At this time you will gain around 2 shades and may feel a little to dark. You will lose  the bronzing layer to jump you down a shade when you rinse.

Will a spray tan protect me from a sunburn?

No! When going into the sun, you must wear sun protection. The only way it will help to protect you is that you will not be tempted to sun bake since you will have your tan already.

Can I get a spray tan well pregnant?

YES! A spraytan while pregnant is completely safe. If you are nervous at all or unsure we do recommend talking with your doctor. 

DHA doesn't penetrate the skin or enter the bloodstream and only sits in the outer most layer of your skin. 

I have other beauty services booked which should I do first?

Spray tans should be one of the last services you get before an event if possible. If you have pedicures, manicures, waxing or eyelash extension appointments it should be done before your spray tan. If you are doing pedicures or manicures the same day as your appointment make sure NO lotions are applied.

Do I need a trial tan before an event or multiple sessions? 

No! If you are nervous about the result of your tan or if it is your first time then a trial may be nice to ensure you like the results, but not necessary. You do not need multiple sessions to build up colour. It is one and done, and how dark you get depends on the solution we choose. 

Disclaimer: A spraytan is 50% our application and 50% your prep before it.


Please ensure you follow the above suggestions to ensure optimal results

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